Retrieving Data from Western Digital Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) hard drive is one of the popular as well as widely used hard drives by businessmen, large scale industries, common people, etc. because of its reliability and storage capacity. Even though usage of this hard disk provides huge comfort to the user, there are some possibilities that data from the WD hard disk gets erased or lost due to various issues.

Assume that you own Western Digital drive on your Mac machine and have stored loads of data related to office work on that drive. All the files which you worked on weekends are not yet copied to your office PC. To do that task you turned on your Mac machine but unfortunately you find that the partition containing your office vital files is showing up on Mac machine.

Well, the above mentioned situation is just a sample example for data loss from Western Digital hard disk. There are many more instances which makes user to lose hard disk files. At such instance, if you are unaware about the solution to recover data from Western Digital hard drive, then it is common to get frustrated. So to avoid users getting into such prickly situations, experts have introduced a powerful utility called Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool for Mac which has been designed with advanced algorithms that makes Western digitak hard drive recovery an easy and simple task.

Why to choose Hi5 Partition Recovery for Mac Tool?

Hi5 Partition Recovery Application for Mac will scan the entire drive in few minutes to recover data from western Digital hard drive. It will restore all types of files such as text document, music, multimedia files, spreadsheets, etc. from the WD hard drive. Simple interface and descriptive instructions on recovery makes every novice and tech users to recover data from western Digital hard drive at great ease without any assistance of third person. If at all you still find difficulty to restore data from Western Digital hard drive, then there is an option to trial it using demo version which is available for free on internet. Using this, you will get to know detailed steps required for retrieving data from Western Digital hard drive. Except save option, you can perform all the steps as in original version, you can also preview for recovered data from WD hard disk.

List of scenarios for WD hard drive data loss

  • Performing format or reformatting of Western Digital hard drive without taking backup may results in loss of files from WD hard drive
  • Sometimes, bad sectors present on boot loader program on system will not allow the computer to boot causing inaccessibility of all the drives and files on it
  • Mac operating system crash which occurs due to some registry errors or because of file system corruption or software malfunction will result in data loss from WD hard disk
  • Improper usage of WD device, mistaken deletion of program files, etc. will all result in hard drive data inaccessibility issues

Precautionary Measures

  • Always prepare backup copy of important filespresent on WD hard disk
  • Most importantly, make sure that you have stopped using WD drive immediately after data losshappens
  • Don't use the drive for further operations once you suspect that bad sectors are present on Western Digital HDD

Additional features of Hi5 Partition Recovery for Mac Utility

It is the most trusted app for restoring deleted, lost, formatted and reformatted data from Western Digital hard disk. It will retrieve data from various other hard drive brands such as Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. It will aslo restore data from any type of hard disk such as SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. Tool recovers data from various file systems such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 efficiently. Using Hi5 Partition Recovery Utility for Mac one will get back Volume data of various Macintosh OS based machines such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, etc. Program even helps users to recover files that are emptied and deleted from Trash folder.

Easy installation steps for recovering data from Western Digital hard drive

  • Download and launch Hi5 Partition Recovery Software on Mac machine
  • Connect Western Digital Hard disk to the software installed system
  • Select either "Partition/Volume Recovery" or "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" option in the beginning screen
  • Choose the connected WD drive partition
  • Click "Next" and start the process
  • Preview and save the restored files on any Mac accessible devices

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