Finding Snapchat Photos on Mac

Snapchat is funny messaging app. In this application you can send photos and videos which are taken at that moment and that sent images remains only for few seconds. i.e. soon after the receiver views the captured images or videos it gets disappeared. This application was previously used only on Smartphone’s but now it can be used on Mac system as well, by installing the software from App store.

Assume that you are using Snapchat app to chat with dear ones and they send you some funny images to make you laugh, after you view it in 10 seconds it get deleted. But you may feel to have that received image on your system forever. So how will you recover Snapchat photos on Mac after deletion? Do you know how to resolve question ”how to retrieve Snapchat photos?” If not then obviously you will be unhappy. But now you can say good bye to your worries. As it is possible to recover Snapchat photos on Mac OS X by using appropriate tool named Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Mac. Though Snapchat photos are deleted forever, you can restore it efficiently using this wizard.

Before going to recovery procedure let me tell you what happens after images gets deleted from Snapchat app:

Though the received images are erased automatically after 5 or 10 seconds, it will be intact to hard disk of that location. As it is not pointing to an index after erasure, you will not be able to see it physically but it is present logically. Hence there is still chance of recovering photos from Snapchat using reliable Snapchat picture recovery app named Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Mac. This recovery is possible only if you stop using that application after deletion process is done.

Why use Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Mac?

  • Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Mac is one of the experts recommended toolkits for finding Snapchat photos on Mac efficiently. Advanced techniques used to design this tool made the recovery task successful
  • This award winning utility includes signature search options using that one can retrieve deleted files from Macintosh system
  • This application is responsible enough to restore images deleted from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 in matter of minutes. Apart from image recovery, this software is helpful to restore deleted or lost media files like video, audio of all formats effectively in matter of minutes
  • Users need not to have any technical knowledge to use this app, because of the simple graphical user interface any OS X user can execute Hi5 Software for recovering photos from Snapchat app without any complications
  • Installation of the tool can be done on any version of Mac system such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard
  • Using this program you can easily and effortlessly recover files that are deleted from Trash folder
  • With the aid of this app, you can even perform recovery of images from various storage devices like hard drive interfaces (SATA, ATA, IDE), memory cards (SD, XD, MMC), iPods, external hard drives and many more in couple of mouse clicks
  • You can know how to restore photos from Snapchat practically by using demo version and see good results through your own eye. Preview option provided in trial version helps you to view the restored files using data type view or file type view
  • You can save recovered Snapchat photos only after purchasing registered version. You can clarify any kind of doubts related to product by our technical support people. They are always there to help you out 24*7

Follow these instructions to recover photos from Snapchat on Mac OS X:

  • Launch Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac
  • Choose either "Deleted Photo Recovery" option or "Lost Photo Recovery" option from the very first screen of the software
  • Select appropriate drive from where you want to recover Snapchat photos
  • Click on "Next" option
  • Soon after the recovery process, use "Preview" option to view recovered Snapchat photos

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